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Frequently Asked Questions

Flow Motion Wellbeing Massage FAQ
  • Where do I find you?
    Emilie is a member of The Practice Rooms Bristol, which are a number of beautiful buildings with treatments spaces dotted around Bristol for convenience. She mainly works from 24 Regent Street, Clifton, and 14 St Pauls Road, Clifton. Also 39 Cotham Hill, Cotham. She is fully mobile and occasionally uses The Practice Rooms Queens Square, Stokes Croft, Southville and Westbury Village also. There is plenty of availability and flexibility in terms of location. Once you book with Emilie, she will try to keep using the same location for you. Mobile Massage; Emilie can come to you, if you want to book treatments in the comfort of your own home. She will come with come with table, towels, and all oils required.
  • Who is massage for?
    Everyone! Young, old, experienced or completely new to massage, everyone is welcome. If you are in acute pain, you may need medical attention before your massage, check with Emilie first if you are unsure. Massage works on your body, mind and soul in a holistic way, and has many benefits.
  • What are the benefits of massage?
    The benefits are huge, many studies have shown that massage may support the following, these are some examples but there are many more: - Improved flexibility - Improved mental health and wellness Less aches and pains Strengthened immune system Better recovery between workouts Better quality of sleep Decreased joint inflammation Improved circulation Less muscle stiffness
  • How often should I have massages?
    There are no rules, listen to your body. In todays world, we are often stressed, and over tired/over worked. Having treatments is self care, and there is no limit to how much of that we deserve or need. Depending on your time and budget, it is recommended that a monthly treatment, is a good aim to reach. However if you are acutely stressed or suffering from discomfort then a course of once weekly treatments is recommended for a few weeks, before re-assesing your situation. Bundles are available to purchase here, where you can make a saving on multiple treatments.
  • How do I book?
    As Emilie is currently working adhoc at The Practice Rooms, the best way to book is to send a quick message here: or following the contact forms link, and she will get back to you on the same day to arrange your treatments with you. She has a safe payment link which is sent to you at the time of booking, and can provide receipts and invoices where necessary.
  • How do I pay?
    Payments for your treatments are made in advance at the time of booking through a safe link sent to you. She can provide you with invoices and receipts as necessary.
  • Do you do mobile treatments?
    Yes she does mobile treatments within 5 miles or thereabouts of central Bristol, get in touch using the contact form to discuss this. Pricing is listed on the website as a general guide.
  • Do you do events?
    Yes! Emilie works at all sorts of events, retreats, weddings, pamper parties, festivals and corporate venues. She travels with her massage table and / or massage chair and all of her equipment. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this.
  • What do I wear?
    During the massage, underwear is worn throughout (no bra), you will be left to get undressed in private.
  • Which treatments do I choose?
    Which of the treatments speak loudest to you? If you need to chat about this I'm available to discuss, there is alot to choose from!
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